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The World for Him is a news-centered website started by Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The site allows supporters to connect with missionaries in the field through news updates and prayer requests.

The Missions Ministry works through the following five areas:

Urban Ministry:

urbaniconWe believe long-term growth and development is best achieved through focus on a particular geographical area of the city.

We focus on the Fairfield community and partner with several local ministries with the mutual goal of producing  the next generation of urban leaders.

Church Revitalization Ministry: 

churchiconChurch revitalization or renewal is following God’s prescription for church health.

Church revitalization restores His people to spiritual and functional vitality.

This inevitably leads to statistical growth in conversions and scriptural discipleship for God’s glory and our own good. We help this process through leadership training and conferences.

Global Ministry: 

globaliconpageThe Global Ministry supports ministries outside the United States and cross-cultural ministries within the U.S. Briarwood currently supports 185 missionaries in 55 countries, serving every region around the globe.

Our ministry focus is primarily evangelism, discipleship training, equipping of Christian leaders, and deeds of love and mercy.

Briarwood’s annual ministry conference helps minister to the international staff as well as provide vision and opportunities for members to serve.

International Ministry in Birmingham:

bhamiconThe Briarwood International Outreach is the global ministry of Briarwood in Birmingham.

The International Ministry in Birmingham consists of two major focuses, our International Student/Scholar Ministry and our Ethnic Congregation ministry.

National Ministry: 

nationaliconBriarwood supports more than 100 missionaries in the United States and seeks to prioritize evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and deployment, and deeds of love, mercy, and justice.