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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in National Ministry, News from the Field | 0 comments

CRU Winter Conference equips students, social media furthers gospel

CRU Winter Conference equips students, social media furthers gospel

From Tyler and Brooke Miller: CRU at UNC Charlotte and Catawba College

This new semester is proving to be another exciting and challenging time of equipping students to walk with Jesus and reach their peers with the gospel.

This month our focus has been on challenging students to consider how they can grow as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and invite others to follow Him as well.

Below are some stories of how God is using your partnership. We hope this encourages you! First, we have a brief video update for you.


Winter Conference:

Pictured left is the Instagram post I mentioned in the video. What’s amazing is that there are more stories of lives changed by the gospel from Winter Conference! Keep reading…

Context for the picture – the student from this story is IN this picture and the guy crowdsurfing is the worship leader, Matt Papa, during the last night when he put on a fun concert to ring in the New Year…this was not during worship in case anyone was wondering.

Winter Conference is always a time of great spiritual growth for our students. Every year we see God do significant things as students listen to great biblical teaching, worship the Lord, and have a blast together through four days.

Social Media furthering the Gospel:

This year students were trained in how to use social media to bridge gaps into spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel with their friends. They were challenged to pray and send a short video called Falling Plates to their friends. Over 10,600 saw the video, which led to thousands spiritual conversations. From that, we know of at least 604 conversations that led to the gospel being shared! Who knows how many more?

Just from our Charlotte Metro students who attended, the response to this outreach was unbelievable!

Ben led his friend to Christ after watching the video. Lizzie shared the gospel with a friend who is Muslim and has been following up with her since. Josh reached out to a Buddhist friend with the video.

The entire men’s soccer team at Pfieffer saw the video, many of whom are from around the world. Roy, Lydia, Zach, Meagan, Preston, and many more all had significant conversations with friends that led to follow-up meetings later to talk more about Jesus!