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Posted by on Feb 25, 2017 in Briarwood Outreach, Church Revitalization Ministry, Conferences, Global Ministry, International Ministry in Birmingham, Ministry Trips, National Ministry, News from the Field, Urban Ministry | 0 comments

Faith Promise 2017- God Answers

Faith Promise 2017- God Answers

What is Faith Promise?

For 50 years God has allowed Briarwood to send out missionaries and support them financially and prayerfully. Our annual missions offering is called Faith Promise. We ask every member of Briarwood to prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance as to the amount-over and above your regular tithes and offerings- that He would have you give to world missions.

Faith Promise Giving is Based upon Biblical Principles.

The Bible teaches us to obey the Lord in the giving of His tithe and to honor Him in the giving of our offerings. Faith Promise is a type of offering whereby we have the opportunity to give to support world missions- Systematically, Sacrificially and Supernaturally. As with the Lord’s tithe, we can give systematically by prioritizing an amount each month that we give after the tithe. We can also give sacrificially by choosing to deny ourselves or something so that we may give support to missions. And then we also can give supernaturally when our Lord provides extra resources that are beyond our understanding so that we may give.

Faith Promise Giving Encourages God’s People.

By Faith we anticipate prayerfully what He will give to us. By a Promise we consecrate those funds when they arrive as offerings to the Lord to be given when He entrusts them to us. Sometimes the Lord gives more resources to us so we are able to fulfill these commitments. Then, at other times, He stretches our resources like the “fishes and loaves” and the feeding of the 5,000.   No matter which way He does it, it always strengthens and encourages His people when He blesses us and proves Himself faithful.

Faith Promise Giving Stimulates Us to Worship and Prayer.

As the Lord provides resources to us, in the act of worship we give them back to Him and in seeing the hand of the Lord we are motivated to praise Him even more. Then, to discern what the Lord wants to do through us and to discern where He wants us to place these resources, we have to call upon Him in prayer. “Lead us, O Lord, and guide us to ever increasing faithfulness with what you have entrusted to us for the praise of Your Holy Name.”

* By faith what do you believe the Lord wants to give through you?   Then, you promise that you will give as he gives you the ability.