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Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in National Ministry, News from the Field | 0 comments

International Students find community at Troy University

International Students find community at Troy University

Labor Day Outreach:

Our time in Troy has been filled with rich experiences with new friends from different parts of the world.

We thought that the major challenge was to meet and befriend internationals students, but that was easy to do here with God’s favor.

On Labor Day we invited some of our new international friends to a party and we told them that they could invite their friends as well. We were not sure how many people would come but we prepare food for 50 people.

Nine Chinese students decided to help with the food and came to our house on Saturday before. They did real Chinese pork dumplings for 50 people. They were so busy and took 4 hours to make and cook the dumplings. All of them were making dumpling or cleaning. It was amazing to see these new friends cooking and trying to present the best food possible.

On Labor Day, more than 55 students showed up and we had a blast together. We played badminton, tennis table, air hockey and uno.

We ate a lot of food, with a Brazilian pão de queijo, chicken heart, Brazilian barbeque, Indian food and of course Chinese dumplings.

Since that day, my house has become a safe place for the international students. Every weekend we have several students over to spend time with our family. We love having them around us, our friendships are strengthened daily.

Chinese Bible Study:

There is a really active Chinese Bible study at Troy under the leadership of the Wei family. They invited me to start an investigation group in English. We meet each Friday night and we usually have around eight students who want to know more about the gospel.

  • Please pray that these students continue to attend and learn more about Jesus.


I am doing discipleship with two Brazilian graduate students who want to grow their faith in Christ. Both students made a profession of faith in the past and were wandering away from the Lord. Now they are following the Lord and they want to grow in Christ.

  • Please pray that these two men will continue to grow in their faith while inspiring fellow students to do the same.

Local pastors unite in prayer:

Every wednesday morning from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., pastors and leaders of campus ministries get together at First Baptist to pray for the international students. There is no ministry without prayers!

Upcoming Events: 

We are planing to find houses to host international students for Thanksgiving Day!

  • Please pray for host families and students

We also will have a Christmas Party at our house for the students that will be in Troy.

  • Please pray that students would feel the love of Christ as we celebrate his birth