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Posted by on Jan 13, 2018 in Global Ministry, News from the Field | 0 comments

Ministry in the fields of South Africa

Ministry in the fields of South Africa

From Eric and Beryl Malgas: Western Cape, South Africa

Psalm 139:5 “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” (KJV)

Since I started with the work of Word and Life Ministry in April 2017, this promise of God (Ps 139:5) was my guide, where I drove, stopped or served the Word of God.  In my mother tongue the translation also refers to “…the Hand of God serving me with Blessings….”.

All praise to God who guided, guarded and led me during the thousands of miles I cover in my truck, during my work in the mission fields, contacting and preaching the Word  to the lost souls that God leads me to. I can truly testify to the blessings God showered on me during my travels and ministry.

Some background about the areas I’m working in:

The Karoo is a collective name for a vast area (in South African context) which is quite arid and where farmers have huge farms due to the low density of vegetation.

They farm mostly with sheep and where water can be found, they will have a few  farmlands with wheat or lucerne which is feedstock for the sheep.

The distances between farms can be between 60 and 100 miles which means I travel with my truck on gravel roads between these farms.

Three towns form part of this farming area where I minister on about 35 farms. The names of the towns are Laingsburg, Sutherland and Merweville (you will quite easily find them on Google Maps)

Some Testimonies of the Work that The Lord is doing in lives in this area:

  • Sermon for ranch hands in a barn.

    A young man attended the service on one of the farms that I visited. After the sermon, he came to me tearfully and requested I pray for his addiction to drugs. We prayed together and God remains true to His Word – he was saved and freed from the addiction.

  • Due to the remoteness of the workers they very often just pair up and stay together without been married. On one of the farms I found two couples who have been together for 10 yrs without been married. After some prayer and  consultation, they gave their lives to the Lord and immediately asked me to marry them. God’s grace is forever present!
  • On another farm a woman approached me with her problem of been addicted to alcohol. We prayed together and I had the privelige of leading her to the Lord (Saved). It is such an uplifting feeling and testimony to see her during my visists after this happened. She is truly living her testimony and witnessing to everyone who wants to listen (and those who does not!) Please keep on praying for this woman and that the Bible Study we do, will continue to uplift her and allow her to be in line with God and his Word.
  • During one of our Bible Study and Prayer times and elderly member stood up and praised the Lord for the fact that he is looking forward to be with Jesus in heaven.

About Eendekuil:

Wedding for two pairs of ranch hands.

The area of Eendekuil also consists of a number of smaller farms where the activity is more intense and the farms are about 100 morgen in size.

I minister to the workers on the farms – about 15 farms in the area.  We have a small congregation where we have a weekly Sunday service.

Some of the testimonies from Eendkuil:

  • Sermon for ranch hands on a farm.

    After a Sunday service, while everyone was returning home, a woman approached me with the tearful request to pray with her. The Lord spoke to her during the sermon and she wanted to correct her ways and ask the Lord for forgiveness and a re-committed life to the Him.

  • One of the farmers suddenly became ill and was hospitalized. We called a time of prayer and asked God to heal him. The next day he was discharged and the medical staff could not find any cause for the sudden illness! Praise the Lord
  • Similar to Paul on the island (Acts), one of the farm workers (Christian brother of our congregation) was attacked by a highly poisonous snake. Fortunately the fangs did not penetrate the sleeve of his jacket, but they had to forcefully remove the snake from the jacket. Psalm 91:14 in action! “Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.”

Prayer Needs:

  • Sermon for ranch hands.

    Sunday Services – The Spirit of the Lord touch those attending

  • As stated, I travel a lot to reach all the communities and cover approximately 5,000 miles every month. Please pray for my safe keeping and high energy levels
  • Pray for the communities where I minister. They are surrounded by alcohol and drug abuse and addiction. That God’s children will really make a difference and an impact on these people.
  • The training and education we provide to these members, have a real impact on their lives. And that they will live the Discipleship they all commited to.