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Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in News from the Field, Urban Ministry | 0 comments

RUF staffers move to NYC, start RUF CityCampus

RUF staffers move to NYC, start RUF CityCampus

From Matthew and Megan Terrell, New York CityCampus

About RUF CityCampus:

matthewterrellRUF CityCampus is a ministry not to one particular campus, but to one particular place. New York City is home to over 800,000 university students and only 1000 campus ministry personnel. The need for Christian ministries to college students in New York is immense, and with CityCampus we will have the opportunity to reach these students for Christ and equip them to serve his Church and Kingdom.

Moving to NYC:

That is the question Eliot asked one of our new neighbors (who lives down the hall) yesterday morning on our way out the door for church. Our neighbor was taking it easy on a Sunday morning, doing laundry in his PJs. We were loaded up in the stroller and hustling out the door to try to get to church on time (a rare feat!). Eliot, assuming that church is normal for everyone on Sunday mornings, asked our neighbor where he was going to church. Our neighbor, with a bit of a chuckle, said “Oh I don’t go to church. I stopped doing that a long time ago.”

In this little interaction it struck me again how different our new home is from our previous one. A month ago almost all of our neighbors went to church in some form or fashion. Now, less than 5% of them do. I find this difference both energizing and intimidating. Would you pray for us as we seek to love our neighbors well in this new context? We need much wisdom, humility, courage, and grace. And would you pray for our neighbors, those in our building and in our ministry? We long to see them come to know Jesus in new and deeper ways.

Family Update:

Since arriving in NYC we’ve begun getting settled and have started to explore our new home. We’ve taken a ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty (pictured above), had a few picnics in the park, and tested every playground within a 10 block radius! Eliot even tried sushi for the first time yesterday. It has certainly been a challenge thus far (“adventure” is the word we keep telling ourselves), but we sense God’s presence and provision. Thank you for partnering with and encouraging us along the way.