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Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Global Ministry, News from the Field | 0 comments

Spain: small group plants spiritual seeds

Spain: small group plants spiritual seeds

From Charles and Carol DeWitt: MTW Madrid

Small Group yields spiritual fruit: 

Over the years, we have seen more fruit from small group Bible study than just about any other form of outreach, and our time in Spain has not been an exception. However, it has proved to be harder to get people to commit here than any other place we’ve lived.

On multiple occasions we’ve invited Spaniards to our apartment to read the Scriptures, only to be met with looks of distrust and suspicion. But finally, by God’s grace, this spring we were able to launch a group. Every Thursday night 6-8 people gather in our living room to read the Gospel of John. It has been a rich time of spiritual challenge and growth.

This group is the highlight of our week. First, because we still stand amazed that the group even exists, considering our past efforts that ended in failure. But also, because we delight in the depth of questions and discussion each week.

Some are Christ-followers, and others are considering the claims of Christ seriously for the first time. They also are getting a taste of Christian fellowship, as we listen to and pray for their needs.

Little by little we are seeing people understand the gospel, and take little steps of faith. We trust that we are planting gospel seeds that will some day burst forth into radiant new life in Christ.

Seeds Planted:

Each participant has a unique story. For example, Pilar came to us via Carol’s English classes. She is from a strong traditional Catholic background, but by her own admission has little knowledge of the Bible. She, in turn, invited her confused friend, Pablo, who usually says little, but when he does speak, one can tell that he is fully engaged.

He had some kind of spiritual encounter while hiking the Camino de Santiago last summer, and he’s hoping to sort that out through belonging to our group. Then there’s José from Venezuela, Carmen who goes brisk-walking with Carol, and Susana the ballet instructor…each with their own story to tell, questions and needs.

It’s so much fun to share Christ with these genuinely inquisitive people.

  • Please pray that the seeds we plant will sprout and take root!

Family News:

With Peter a musician in San Francisco, John a grad student in Paris, Marc a sociologist in Mexico City, and Sara Jane a college student in Kentucky, our family keeps watch over half the globe! We are thankful that all four are either gainfully employed and/or are studying, and hope to see some of them this summer.